Saturday, July 9, 2016

extremely complicated logic

Luxury on the one hand
Drugs on the other
Technology at one's beck and call.
Keeping up with it with one's limited brains on the other!

These are jut two of the many, many, many things that complicate life today.
Ignore them and you become irrelevant.
Again, how are things going to work in the future?
Looking back, whatever happened to my simple life propelled on by  my simple goals? Simple goals that I always chose to keep secret and private until they seemed irrelevant in this complicated world of ours.
Not that I didn't get lucky or never had good stuff come my way, They did. But right now confusion over reigns the one kg of flesh that makes my brain.
Unpredictable and complicated is life!!!! 
And the confusion is not why the picture is irrelevant. I just happened to like it.

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